from My Friends

~My Legacy Students~

-Yona Glickman-

My champ and student for over a solid decade.

Brother Yona is a conjureman, cartomancer and teacher of Hoodoo & Rootwork.

He is highly skilled and well-versed in candle rituals, biblical magic, herbs, curios and creating handcrafted spiritual products.

He can be contacted through his Instagram at PropheticSoulGuideInc.

-Phoebe Hildegard-

 I am very proud to say, a truly great student of mine.

Doctor Finch is a traditionally trained conjurer, card reader, and writer.

A lifelong herbalist, her work with plants is the loamy heart of her craft, anchoring the arcane in the physical.
If you have a need book a reading or work with her at her Sorceress & Diviner website.

-Loretta Ledesma-

My first and original Legacy student, the Death Witch herself!
​Loretta Ledesma is founder of the Mile High Conjure Gala, and a Santisima Muerte devotee.

She approaches the work from a Conjure tradition and a close, open relationship with the dead.

A fine maker of conjure provisions including oils, powders, baths & waters. Find her & her work at her The Death Witch website.

The poet and cleric John Donne said, "No man is an island entire of itself; every man is a piece of the continent, a part of the main" and truer words have rarely been spoken. In the world of hoodoo, conjure, and spiritual work no one worker should be expected to be a Master or Mistress of all. No two hands can do all labor. That is why we have trusted friends, colleagues, co-workers, and students.

Hopefully, we have good fellows to walk side by side with and do good work with. I endeavor to direct folks to workers that I know and trust so that you will be able to work with knowledgeable, honest, and gifted individuals.

Here are some of the good people, that should you wish or need another worker beside myself, I recommend and have confidence in. 

With a Little Help

~My Colleagues and Friends~

 ~Dr. Alexander Cummins~

​One my most trusted and dearest friends in the world. I can not recommend him enough!

Dr Cummins is a consultant, diviner, writer, contemporary cunning-man, and historian of magic.

His magical specialities are the dead (folk necromancy), divination (geomancy) and the grimoires.
You can find the good doctor at his most excellent Website.

~Ifa Abeyo~
My friend and "Twin".

Ifa Abeyo is initiated in Ifa, Lucumi, and Palo Mayombe, a Priestess of Oshun, and a formidable conjurewoman and rootworker.
She has over 20 years of experience with tarot cards and soul readings with crystals and coins.

She is the host of Conversations with Ifa Abeyo, author of Embarking on your Spiritual Journey, a Life Coach, Spiritual Advisor and Motivational Speaker.

You can contact her for work and readings via her Instagram at Ifa Abeyo.

~Michele Jackson~

The preeminent bone reader of this generation, she literally wrote the book!

Her insight into the bones is without equal as is her excellent teaching, advice, and spellwork.

You can find Michele Jackson and her wonderful book at her Bones, Shells, and Curios website. 


~Doctor Beverley~

My other "sister from another mister." 

Doctor Beverley is an excellent reader, worker, and making of products.

She is direct, honest, open, and caring and along with her other works also helps working girls, and sex workers just as I do.

You can find Doctor Beverley at her Doctor Beverley Conjure Doctor and Rootworker website.


~Papa Newt~

Dedicated to the helping of others through the use of divination, sorcery, and traditional rootwork.

Whether you are looking for a mojo bag, insight into a situation, or just have that extra edge in your life, Papa Newt can help.

An honest and upstanding man.

You can find Papa Newt at his Divination + Sorcery + Art website.


Professor Charles Porterfield

~Trusted Shops and Sellers~

 ~The Cauldron Black~

The Cauldron Black are purveyors of Fine Occult goods in historic Salem, MA offering a variety of ethically sourced goods from around the globe.

They also offer as locally-made products from various artists, practitioners & craftspeople from New England.

They offer in-person & online shopping, as well as Spiritual Consultations & Services & a variety of online classes, lectures, workshops & rituals.

Woman owned & operated, The Cauldron Black focuses on fostering a thriving local spiritual community.

I work with and trust this shop and its owner 100%. I highly recommend them.

​You can find them online HERE.

~Ritual Cravt~
Ritualcravt is a brick and mortar store supplying metaphysical and spiritual goods to Denver, CO and beyond.

They have an excellent apothecary of herbs and resins, a large library on a variety of topics, an expansive wall of tarot and oracle decks, plants, herbal medicine, spiritual baths, and so much more.

They are also home to the Ritualcravt School, where they teach a variety of topics.

They also have tarot readers and astrologers most days of the week!

I work with and trust this shop and its owner 100%. I highly recommend them.
​You can find them online HERE.

​~Next Millennium~

Next Millennium is one of the oldest and largest shops in the Midwest that carries a diverse line of metaphysical items including new and used metaphysical books, aromatherapy products, over 250 bulk herbs, incense, tapestries, natural bath and body items, pet gifts, statuary, tarot decks, beautiful jewelry, wonderful candles, and just about any kind of rocks you would like!

The owners are among the most honest, trusted, and decent people in the whole world.

I work with and trust this shop and its owner 100%. I highly recommend them.
​You can find them online HERE.