from My Friends

~Professor Ames~

A fellow professor in the art and craft of hoodoo and conjure, he is a wonderful and trustworthy man.

He not only makes fine products but also does equally fine work.

You can find Professor Ames at his wonderful Skullbone Emporium.


~Michele Jackson~

The preeminent bone reader of this generation, she literally wrote the book!

Her insight into the bones is without equal as is her excellent teaching, advice, and spellwork.

You can find Michele Jackson and her wonderful book at her Bones, Shells, and Curios website. 


~Ambrozine LeGare~ 

One of my dear friends and "sister from another mister."

Ambrozine is a gifted medium of great insight, a wonderful worker, speaker of the truth, and a fine maker of products.

You can find Ambrosine LeGare at her Spirit Lead Medium, Root Worker, and Consultant website.


~Doctor Beverley~

My other "sister from another mister." 

Doctor Beverley is an excellent reader, worker, and making of products.

She is direct, honest, open, and caring and along with her other works also helps working girls, and sex workers just as I do.

You can find Doctor Beverley at her Doctor Beverley Conjure Doctor and Rootworker website.


~Candelo Kimbisa~

Honest, informative and straight-forward, I am proud to call this man brother.

He is not only a solid, hard worker but also makes excellent and effective products.

He is my go-to guy for all matters involving African Traditional Religions and Palo.

You can find Candelo Kimbisa at his website.


~Papa Newt~

Dedicated to the helping of others through the use of divination, sorcery, and traditional rootwork.

Whether you are looking for a mojo bag, insight into a situation, or just have that extra edge in your life, Papa Newt can help.

An honest and upstanding man.

You can find Papa Newt at Conjuring Possibilities website.

~Miss Aida~

A strong, trustworthy, direct, honest, and gifted worker.

This woman tells things like they are and yet as a loving and caring heart.

Her work and experience aid those who come to her. I am proud to call her my friend.

You can find Miss Aida at her Miss Aida website.


    ~Doc Grey~

Not only an excellent worker but also an excellent artist.

His candles are both beautiful and functional, a treat for the eye and the spirit. He is an upstanding man and good friend.

You can find Doc Grey's Products at theDoc Grey Conjure website.

The poet and cleric John Donne said, "No man is an island entire of itself; every man is a piece of the continent, a part of the main" and few truer words have ever been spoken.  In the world of hoodoo, conjure, and spiritual work no one worker should be expected to be a Master or Mistress of all works, no two hands can do all labor. That is why we have friends, colleagues, and co-workers. Hopefully, we have good fellows to walk side by side with and do good work. I endeavor to direct folks to workers that I know and trust so that you will be able to work with knowledgeable, trusted, and gifted folks. Here are some of the good people, that should you wish or need another worker beside myself, I recommend. 

With a Little Help

Professor Charles Porterfield