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A natural man gifted for the work, Professor Porterfield has the abilities to listen close, see through to the center, and act when and where needed. Specializing in helping men, directly or through their loved ones, with all manner of needs regardless of age, race, or sexual orientation.

 "I can, and will, put the rooster back in the yard."

Professor Charles Porterfield is a founding member of the Association of Independent Readers and Rootworkers, and a member of the Missionary Independent Spiritual Church, as well as Hoodoo PsychicsHe has presented at, and been the Master of Ceremonies at MISC's annual Hoodoo Heritage Festival and has had his work published in The Black Folder: Personal Communications on the Mastery of Hoodoo. He is also the co-author of Hoodoo Bible Magic: Sacred Secrets of Spiritual Sorcery, and author of  A Deck of Spells: Hoodoo Playing Card Magic in Rootwork and Conjure. He writes, teaches, and lectures on hoodooconjure, and Judaism to help preserve and pass on the roots of our work. Originally from Boyd, Texas, he currently lives in Denton, Texas, where it is his honour and privilege to offer consultativeprescriptional, and divinational work through hoodoo and conjure.​


The Sporting Life: How to Help Yourself with Hoodoo from the Streets to the Sheets available through

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Do you need plain, old fashioned, Old Testament help? Have you wound up tied up, rooted down, heart bound, or turned around?

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